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    How to Replace your Vehicle’s Lift Supports

    How to Replace your Vehicle’s Lift Supports

    When you lift supports fails, common tasks such as loading your trunk or checking under the hood can become a hassle or even a sately concern.  Fortunately, find and replacing your lift supports from can be quick and easy.

    Replacing Your Lift Supports

    When it comes to replacing a failed or worn out lift supports for your vehicle, there are various topics to consider, such as:

    • How to determine if your lift support is beginning to fail
    • How to find a correct replacement lift support
    • Safety and other considerations when replacing your lift supports
    • Instructions and suggestions when replacing your lift supports

    The video below demonstrates these topics and help serve as a guide when replacing your lift supports.


    If you still need help on finding or replacing your lift supports, just Contact Us and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you.

    Lift supports are also known as props, gas props, struts, gas struts or just supports.  Regardless of what you call it, you will be sure to find the right part at the right price for your replacement.    

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