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    (0) Truck Cap Handle Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide

    truck cap repairYour truck cap handle plays a crucial role in securing your cargo and providing easy access to your truck bed. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on these handles, necessitating replacement. While the thought of tackling this task might seem daunting, fear not! With the right guidance and a li...

    (0) How to Unfold & Prep Your Bumper Cover for Installation

    If you’ve just received your bumper cover, you may be wondering why it’s folded.

    bumper cover Most unpainted aftermarket bumper covers come folded to assume a more compact form. Folding our bumper covers allows us to help our customers enjoy savings on shipping costs. In some cases an fully unfolded bumper cov...

    (0) Why does USPS show my package as Delivered if it was just shipped?

    USPS package deliveredThere are a couple of reasons that a USPS tracking number might reflect a "Delivered" status, even though your order was just shipped. The most frequent reason could be that the USPS assigned a recycled tracking number to your shipment. Another reason may be that the USPS scanned the shipment incorr...

    (0) Trailer Axle Common Terms and Terminology

    trailer axleWhen trying to find the correct replacement parts for trailer axles we often run into many various terms and terminology used in the industry. We often get questions to clarify or explain what some of these terms, what they mean and how they are relevant in the specifications and descriptions.  The ...

    (1) How to Identify and Measure Universal Lift Supports

    How to Identify and Measure Universal Lift Supports

    Universal lift supports are used on a wide variety of applications, such as:

    • Truck Caps, Toppers and Camper Shells
    • Tonneau Covers
    • Campers and RV's
    • Trailers
    • Tool Boxes
    • Marine
    • Other universal applications

    Please note that universal lift ...

    (0) How to Replace your Vehicle’s Lift Supports

    How to Replace your Vehicle’s Lift Supports

    When you lift supports fails, common tasks such as loading your trunk or checking under the hood can become a hassle or even a sately concern.  Fortunately, find and replacing your lift supports from can be quick and easy.

    Replacing Your Lift...

    (0) Finding the Correct Truck Cap Replacement Parts

    Finding the Correct Truck Cap Replacement Parts

    Looking to replace or add some parts for your truck cap? Regardless of what you call it, truck cap, topper, or camper shell, finding the correct part can be a challenge. If you are not exactly sure, then you are at the right place. Finding the best pa...

    (0) Which Wiring Harness Kit Do I Need for My Vehicle?

    Wiring harnesses allow the truck cap to be removed without the need to cut any wires. When wiring a 3rd brake light to your truck cap, topper or camper shell, it is important to pick the correct wiring harness to match your vehichle year, make and model.

    Below is a model chart for wiring harness re...

    (0) What Type of Tonneau Cover Should I Buy?

    Any truck, new or used, is a large investment. As a result, many truck owners want to protect their investment and minimize additional expenses. This protection can often include insurance policies, frequent cleanings, and regular maintenance visits. However, in addition to these standard types of c...

    (11) Measuring Gas Props

    measure gas prop

    As shown in the Illustration, the open or extended length is measured from one end of the eye ball socket connector to the other end of the eye ball socket connector (end to end) when the prop is completely extended.

    The closed or compressed length is measured from one end of the eye ...

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